Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park is a large indoor dog park in its conceptual stages in Calgary, Alberta.
Why offer an indoor dog park?

Why An Indoor Dog Park

The benefits of our proposed indoor facility are numerous!

Many dog parks are not completely contained and can’t keep a wandering dog in. The spaces can be so large that a dog can easily go missing while adventuring in a big park.

Winter days can be very short in Canada. Taking a dog to a park after the sun sets can be cold and risky.

Security cameras to monitor everyone’s safety.

Stable Temperature
Calgary weather can change quickly. Patrons of an indoor park never have to worry about the weather.

Stable Footing
Winter freezing, spring thaws and all other weather-related issues brings unstable paths. Trying to manage a dog and yourself can be difficult in off-leash parks. This is particularly troublesome for people with young children in strollers, as well as seniors.

Lots of equipment and toys for dogs to focus on. The dogs can play with other dogs but also with toys and equipment they don’t have at home and sense/scent stimulation.

We pick up the poop. Our indoor facility will offer clean facilities, thus eliminating mud tracking or needing a bath once the dog gets home.