Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park is a large indoor dog park in its conceptual stages in Calgary, Alberta.
Proposed indoor dog park for Calgary dog lovers.

About Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park

Indoor Dog Park Features

Big Dog – Small Dog Areas
Lots of small dogs don’t like big dogs or are afraid of them and vice versa. There are separate areas for small dogs and big dogs, as well as a puppy room, so owners don’t have to worry. Each room is equipped with size and age-appropriate toys.

Dry Area – Wet Areas
A dry area with toys to explore and exercise their body as well as their mind with scent stimulation.
A wet area with sprays, fountains, and wading area, for dogs that love to get wet.

Private Booking Room
A private booking room for shy or reactive dogs as well as small groups or events.

Healthy Dogs
Dogs participating in the park must have up-to-date vaccines and be spayed or neutered, just like a dog daycare. That way owners know that dogs their dogs encounter are healthy and well looked after. Only puppies up to six months old don’t require spay or neutering and are restricted to the puppy room.

Themed Days
Because heck, why not! Pajama Fridays and Superhero Saturdays. Let’s see your best costumes.

Grooming Services
Professional grooming services include a full groom or a quick nail trim on your way home, or do-it-yourself bathing and drying area.

We offer workshops for training and pet first aid, RCMP Canines, search and rescue and more.

A breed of the month
To inform people of different breeds and their characteristics. This may help with their own breed selection or to help them better understand other breeds that they encounter on walks. Owners with the breed of the month will get a discount for that month.