Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park is a large indoor dog park in its conceptual stages in Calgary, Alberta.

About Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park

The concept behind Dogs ‘n’ Dogs Bark Park is of a membership driven indoor playground that allows members to drop in at their convenience.

Proposed indoor dog park for Calgary dog lovers.


Although there are of course lots of off-leash outdoor dog parks, they aren't always the most comfortable for dog owners. Canadian weather also makes the idea of an indoor dog park a lot more attractive.

Our facility will offer lots of equipment and toys for dogs to focus on, thus eliminating the complete focus of dogs on dogs that happens at off-leash dog parks, often resulting in dogs fighting. The dogs can focus on other dogs but also on sense stimulation and play with toys and equipment they don’t have at home.

We will offer other services as well, including a hot dog vendor.


The second "dog" in Dogs ‘n’ Dogs is our plan to invite a hotdog vendor to set up in our premises. Offering hot dogs, and other human "treats" including coffee and even ice cream as owners watch their dogs play is an added convenience that will no doubt enhance our members' enjoyment of our facility and we envision it to be an integral part of our services.

We are also considering other third-party onsite services such as the following:

  • Professional grooming services to include a full groom or a quick nail trim.
  • A retail area for dog apparel and toys
  • Training workshops & seminars